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New poem

"Like Origami"
Like a piece of colored paper
Like that origami paper
That's how I was

Over time I started to fold
Inside myself
Hide from everything and everyone

Until I was crinkled
And crumbled
Into what seemed like nothing important

Just a little ball of paper
Nothing special
Nothing worth noticing

Then the little things came out:


And they began to slowly unfold me
My origami paper
The paper that was me

One day, so they promise me
I will be whole again
With only a few crinkles as reminders

And then I can fold myself
Into whatever it is
I wish to be
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"With Lack of Anything Else to Say"
Ever get the feeling that you know
Just what you want to say
But you have no idea
How to express it?

I feel nothing but pressure in my chest
The desire building
To express what I feel
But my mind knows not how to do it

My mind tells me I'm upset
But my fingers don't know who to point to
My heart tells me I need something
But my mouth knows not what to ask for

My hands are itching to grab something
But they know not what to take
My feet are ready to run
But they have no idea where to run to

So here I am just wondering
How to say what I want to
No idea how to say it
Keeping my lips closed for now...

Waiting for the answers.
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(no subject)

"Unsettled Mind"
It's too hard to live in this head
With my mind
So unsettled
Too emotional
I am to be handled with care

It's like tossing and turning all night
No comfortable place to rest
Unable to sleep
That's what it's like
Inside my mind

Nothing is working
No stories, no writing
No music, no nourishment
No friends, no beauty
Can fix what goes on
In my unsettled mind

I can't ask for what I need
It would be asking too much
It would make it seem as though
Nothing was good enough
For me
For my mind, so disturbed

Crying for no apparent reason
For all the pain to stop
For a breath
For healing

If happiness is too much to ask
Is normalcy?
A little normalcy
A little balance
For my unsettled mind
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"Stream of Consciousness"
Remember when you were little
And you thought that maybe if you closed your eyes
No one could see you?
You believed that you could disappear
And then you'd be

So I'm closing my eyes
Praying for invisibility
Praying to be taken
To somewhere where I cannot be seen
Somewhere beyond the sadness

Nowhere special
Just a room
With a window
Or a door
Because from where I am now
I have neither
No escape

Nowhere to run
No one to turn to
There's no place to go
When you live inside your head
One option...
Two choices...

Inner turmoil.
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I wrote this a week or so ago. This is the first sex-oriented poem I've ever ready?

I stare out the window
Watching you
Does the sight of me
Make your heart race like this too?

I see you walking closer
Closer to me
Wondering if
My desire you can see

Shadows fall across
Your face
And I long for us to take this
This watching, to a private place

The door opens wide
With a creak and a groan
And suddenly I
Am not watching alone

Without even thinking, my legs take me to you
Faster than ever
Until we are close enough
To press our bodies together

You hold me close
Run your fingers through my hair
Our lips meet
I feel your touch everywhere

You take my hand, lead me
Down the hall
Press me up
Against the wall

Heart racing
Filled with emotion
Ebbing from my soul
Waves like the ocean

We go inside a room
You close the door
And suddenly I'm
Not alone anymore

And today I wrote...

You turn
I turn
We turn

You press the palms of your hands to mine
And look at me
Eyes full
Telling me you never fail to be surprised by how beautiful I can be

Lock your fingers in with my own
I thrill to your touch
And think to myself
"I never knew I could love him this much."

Your lips on my neck
I close my eyes
Listen to the distant thunder
Of the darkened skies

As the rain falls on the roof
The passion surrounds
Like water
And I feel as though I'll drown

In this deep
Deep sea
Of this
Of you and me

Dizzy with desire
As you whisper in my ear
Something wonderful
Will happen here

Just wait
Wait and see
I kiss your lips
And know you'll never leave me

Feel your arms around me
Holding me tight
And I know
That there's magic in the night

Slowly losing my mind
Losing it to you
Knowing you feel
Just like I do

Yes, I'm going
Insane and crazy
Only one way to fix this
What if we maybe...
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"The Only Hand You Need To Hold On To"
Here's my hand
I'm reaching out
Hoping you'll take it
I think both of us together
Have the strength to make it

You helped me out of my hole
So I'll help you out of yours
Grab on
Hang on tight
Don't give up
Life is one big fight
Worth working for

I hear you say you want to end it all
If you only knew how I understand
Every day is so much work
Such an effort just to breathe and speak
Too many demands
I'm up on a frightening peak
And can't come down

Too scary out there
Too dark in my head
Wish I were alone
Wish I were in bed

Scars inside, scars out
Too many tears
Too much pain
Curl up in a ball
One quick motion
And I could end it all

Sounds so simple
Doesn't it?
But it's what you leave in your wake
The ripples in the water of this life
That matter

There are people who love you
People who want to hold your hand
Remember me?
Remember them?
I'm reaching
Don't you see my hand?
Grab on
I'll hold it tight
And both of us will be safe tonight.

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Something I wrote today:

Little voices inside my head
Whispering, shouting a million things
Lessons from the life I've led

Said I'm smart
Said I'm ignorant
Said I'm a girl with too much heart

Told me I'm blind
Told me I have vision
Told me I'm the thoughtful kind

Screamed that I'll heal
Screamed that I'm broken
Screamed and told me never to yield

Whispered sweet nothings
Whispered in love
Whispered so many meaningful somethings

I hear the little voices, even in bed
Speaking, whispering, screaming
Voices inside my head
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Poem I wrote yesterday

I heard if you point a finger
Then there's three more pointing back at you
A risk I'm going to take
As I think everything through

It seems unfair to be a little angry
Seems kind of dramatic to be
Wondering why no one
Seems to want to see the real me

I can't understand why some people
Read what I write
Hear what I say
And never ask if everything is all right

Is it because it's easier
Just to pretend that I'm okay
That the quiet girl in class
Doesn't matter anyway?

What does it mean when I reach out
And my hand gets slapped away?
Why does no one believe
That I mean what I say?

Try to say a nice thing
I shouldn't have wasted my time
Because all they ever do
Is treat it like a crime

And then there's those who ignore me
Pretend that I'm not there
Doesn't matter if I'm lonely
They don't care if I'm scared

Finally I hear them
Shocked that they remember my name
I make small talk, try to fill the months of silence
Knowing nothing will ever be the same

Of course it's not everyone
Not everyone is so mean
Because it's not so hard to be considerate
I'm not asking you to see the unseen

I'm just wondering where the courtesy went
Why everyone stopped caring
Is anyone listening?
Is there any point in sharing?

I can never understand everyone
No matter how hard I try
I just feel bad that they don't care
And it is because of them I cry
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